ISR Season 3 Episode 29: “Eid and Beyond Ramadan” – Dr. Imad Bayoun

We end our In the Shade of Ramadan 2009 series with some final tips by Dr. Imad Bayoun.

ISR Season 3 Episode 28: “Rituals of the Heart” – Munir Qtaish

Br. Munir Qtasish speaks about the Rituals of the Heart.

ISR Season 3 Episode 27: “Visitation Manners” – Jamaal Diwan

Ustadh Jamaal Diwan speaks to us about the manners of visitation.

ISR Season 3 Episode 26: “Al ‘Alim” – Muslema Purmul

Sr. Muslema speaks to us about Al ‘Alim, one of Allah’s 99 names.

ISR Season 3 Episode 25: “Pride of a Muslim” – Dr. Imad Bayoun

Dr. Imad Bayoun reminds us about the status of the Muslim in the sight of Allah(God), the Almighty, and its positive effect on the individual.

ISR Season 3 Episode 24: “Social Manners” – Jamaal Diwan

Ustadh Jamaal Diwan shares with us various social manners.

ISR Season 3 Episode 23: “Our Hearts are Sensitive” – Munir Qtaish

This episode focuses on the heart as an extremely sensitive organ and the importance of protecting it.

ISR Season 3 Episode 22: “Say… Part 2” – Dr. Imad Bayoun

Dr. Imad explains the revelation of yet another chapter of the Quran that begins with “Say…”, Surat Kaafirun.

ISR Season 3 Episode 21: “Say… Part 1” – Dr. Imad Bayoun

Dr. Imad Bayoun reflects on the incident of the revelation of Surat Ikhlas.

ISR Season 3 Episode 20: “Steadfastness” – Khaled Bahijri

Khaled Bahijri discusses with us another parable from the Quran and derives important lessons from it.