ISR Season 4 Episode 5: “Al Ghafoor, Attawwab” – Dr. Imad Bayoun

Dr. Bayoun discusses two of Allah’s attributes: The Forgiver and The Acceptor, as well as their importance.


Speaker Bio:
Dr. Imad Bayoun is widely recognized for his commitment to religious education, especially among the youth. As a lecturer for the Muslim American Society (MAS), a religious, social, cultural and educational, not-for-profit organization, and as a council member of the MAS-Inland Empire chapter, Bayoun spends most of his free time teaching others about Islam. His unique way of speaking talking to the heart has inspired many. Bayoun was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and came to the United States in 1989. He currently resides in Riverside and works as an entomologist, employed as the Insectary and Quarantine Officer at the University of California at Riverside.