ISR Season 4 Episode 18: “Good Companionship” – Bhawana Kamil

Bhawana Kamil was born in Oakland, California in 1979 while her parents were students at UC Berkeley. She was raised in the Bay Area, and received a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from UC Berkeley. Soon after graduating, she accepted Islam in September of 2000. Bhawana traveled overseas to Cairo, Egypt for a few years with her husband to study Arabic and Islamic Studies for which she received graduate diplomas. After her return, she completed a Masters degree in Philosophy from San Jose State University, where she subsequently taught Ethics. Her Masters thesis was entitled, “Toward a Single Consciousness: Challenging ‘Un-American-ness’ of People of Color.”

She is the current president of the Bay Area chapter of the Muslim American Society, and formerly directed its Youth and Outreach departments. She is also a public speaker, and has spoken at a variety of settings, including schools, universities, churches, conferences, and camps on several topics including ‘An Introduction to Islam,’ ‘Women in Islam,’ ‘Challenges Facing Muslim Youth in the West,’ ‘Geography of the Muslim World,’ ‘Islam and the Environment,’ ‘Muslim-American Identity,’ and ‘Understanding Shariah.’

Bhawana serves on the Interfaith Council for Economics and Justice (ICEJ) for the County of Santa Clara and is a member of the Speakers Bureau for California Interfaith Power and Light (CIPL), an interfaith environmental advocacy group.

Her passions include social service and interfaith work. Bhawana also enjoys the outdoors, gardening, logic puzzles, and learning about cultures and languages. She currently resides in Santa Clara, California with her husband and young daughter.