ISR Season 3 Episode 28: “Rituals of the Heart” – Munir Qtaish

Br. Munir Qtasish speaks about the Rituals of the Heart.

ISR Season 3 Episode 23: “Our Hearts are Sensitive” – Munir Qtaish

This episode focuses on the heart as an extremely sensitive organ and the importance of protecting it.

ISR Season 3 Episode 12: “The Role of the Heart” – Munir Qtaish

Munir reminds us of what the true purpose of our heart is.

ISR Season 3 Episode 5: “Why the Heart?” – Munir Qtaish

Munir Qtaish of the importance of the heart in it’s multiple functions. He urges us to take advantage of Ramadan by focussing on our hearts during this blessed month.